Kaisun Company,a factory leading

time:2020-07-07 09:05

Kaisun Company,a factory leading the domestic polyurethane production,possesses a strong capacity in technological development and innovation
Products of Kaisun Company are mainly divided into two kinds:extruded products of TPU polyurethane and cast products of CPU polyurethane.The extruded products of TPU polyurethane are mainly various types of conveying belts and profile products;the cast products of  CPU polyurethane are mainly PU boards,PU bars,PU sheets,PU pipes,PU spreading boards,PU rubber rolls,wear-resistant PU rubber strips and other parts
The Kaisun people constantly update products and make them perfect day after day with the spirits of dedication and pursuit of perfecting skill.The smooth round belt has better surface finish and bright color; the rough round belt has rough surface and uniform,regular grains with comfort hand-feeling;the V-belt and pentagon belt are mainly used in ceramic industry. Many products have got national patents
The Kaisun products are of top grade,all produced with domestic or foreign high quality materials with high purity and transparency,good in wear-,drawing- and penetration-resistance,and environmentally-protective.The Kaisun products are sold widely in Europe,Southeast Asia, South and North America etc